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Regularly maintaining your HVAC system is the best way to ensure a systems efficiency and long lifespan. Look after your HVAC System and it will look after your home.

  • Water Heater
  • Reduce Running Costs
  • Extend The System’s Life
  • Reliability
  • Water Leaks
  • Air Cleaner and Filters
  • Humidifier
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • New Construction HVAC Services

Looking for repair or replacement of a conventional gas or electric water heater? Prime HVAC Solutions services all of Ottawa with top service. Having hot water in your home is a necessity, and hot water technology has greatly increased the number of factors you should consider when choosing to replace your existing hot water system. Water heaters are now available in many configurations, and you can choose from several different brands of water heaters that are compact, fuel efficient, and quiet.

Air conditioners work by blowing air, the air they suck in contains dust from the indoor unit, leaves, grass, bugs, feathers and more on the outdoor unit. These things block up the filter and heat exchanger fins which reduces the air flow. The more efficient the airflow, the less you pay in utilities.

A dirty HVAC system must work harder to operate. This puts strain on moving parts and overheating electrical components – Keeping it clean keeps it running efficiently. Leaves, dirt and debris can accumulate on, in and around your HVAC system causing the steel panels and chassis to corrode – keeping the panels clean and the chassis clear of debris gives the unit minimizes rust.

Outdated HVAC Systems tend to break down. When you need them the most, in the height of summer or the depths of winter. Keeping your unit well maintained keeps the strain off it and helps us identify issues before they arise.

During the summer months your Air Conditioning will be doing a fine job keep you cool, and as it cools it condenses water out of the air (especially on those sticky summer nights) and sends it off down the drain. Without regular maintenance the drain hose can get blocked which results in inconvenient leaks. It is important drainage is done correctly so your system runs smoothly and no unexpected problems arise.

Make sure you and your family are breathing the cleanest air possible in your home Changing the air filter on your furnace is one of the most important and simplest things you can do to keep your system running properly during the heating and cooling seasons.

Humidifiers can help make the harsh winter months in Ottawa more bearable During the winter months in Ottawa your furnace will be running very frequently which will cause your indoor air to become dry and stale.

Having a properly operating humidifier is essential to maintaining a level of comfort for you and your family.

As is the case with many of our services, preventative maintenance is key to ensure that your gas systems are always operating properly. Gas lines and fittings can become compromised over time and it’s important to have a reputable gas fitting contractor to periodically inspect your gas system for any deficiencies. Our team of highly trained, qualified, and licensed Ottawa gas fitting technicians would be glad to take a look at your gas system to spot any issues.

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If you’re looking for a gas fitting contractor to handle any type of gas line leak, repair, or replacement, Prime HVAC solutions would be happy to work with you. For more information on our wide array of gas fitting services in Ottawa, give us a call today at (613) 318-9891.

Due to our more than three decades of experience in the HVAC industry, we’ve developed strong relationships with some of the top contractors in the Ottawa area. These contractors often turn to our company to provide all types of HVAC services. We offer our services to a wide variety of healthcare facilities, commercial tenants, and government entities.

Regardless of whether you’re a building manager, a general contractor, or a small business owner that provides construction services to residents in our community, feel free to reach out to our team today. We’ll be happy to offer a free estimate that always keeps your budget and timetable in mind.