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What is an HRV?

A Heat Recovery Ventilator is a system that exchanges the stale indoor air with fresh, outside air. During the heating season, an HRV also captures the heat from the exhausted air and transfers it to the incoming air, preheating it before it enters the home. During the summer, an HRV can reverse this process — removing some of the heat from the incoming air.

Healthy Home

Improve your indoor air quality for a healthy home. HRVs remove build up of indoor pollutants, and help reduce airborne particulate, helping avoid the spread of coughs and colds – its common practice to remove stale air, and replace with clean filtered, air.


  • A family member or other inhabitant is chronically ill, could my furnace cause chronic Illness?
  • I am a general contractor or owner completing a new build, does Prime HVAC Solutions provide furnace installs for new construction, or are they only a furnace service company?

While an incorrectly functioning or not properly maintained furnace can cause chronic illness, it is unlikely. What is more likely is that your central heating system is making a pre- existing condition or disease worse. It may be possible that you require additional filtration or protection beyond industry standards. Carbon monoxide sensors should be placed throughout the building and maintained as per manufacturer specifications. Call Prime HVAC Solutions for a dust and allergen assessment, and to discuss your options.

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