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At Prime HVAC Solutions we are general contractors, sub-contractors, and a service company. No matter what you require, Prime HVAC Solutions is here to help. We employ highly experienced and accredited project managers, estimators, field technicians, and tradespeople. Our experienced staff, cutting edge management, accounting, estimating software, and exceptional management team, all come together to form the perfect mechanical construction storm.

Prime HVAC Solutions is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Safety Employees Buy Into
  • A Culture of Safety
  • Tenant Improvements

The architecture of a solid occupational, health and safety program starts at the foundation. The foundation of Prime HVAC Solutions is our ground-level employees. Too many companies try to manage their occupational health and safety from the top down. Top-down management pushes policies and initiatives down the throats of their employees. This produces low morale, stress, and zero buy-in. Prime HVAC Solutions knows better. Every employee at Prime is a champion of our safety program. Information and data are produced then collected at the ground level. The incident investigation process will be completed while elevating the data up the management chain. By the time the data makes it to our president, all incidents and near misses will have been investigated, analyzed, corrected, and reported. The president signs off on the incident package and then it is forwarded to our health and safety committee for discussion. This process not only ensures that the people physically doing the work and directly responsible are not only an integral part of our occupational health and safety program, they are the program. Our health and safety committee, which is made up of administration, management, and labour, discusses all incidents and near misses and votes on any proposed changes to the health and safety program. Periodic amendments to our program throughout the year will be formally added to our health and safety manual annually.

Prime HVAC Solutions understands that our company is only as good as our people, and our people must have a safe place to work in order to be good.

It is not only Prime HVAC Solutions policy to work safely, it is our culture. We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, as well as the public, our clients, and other contractors. We are certain that every accident, injury, and occupational illness is avoidable. Our overall goal is to protect both the public and the environment, while having zero incidents, injuries, and occupational illnesses. To be effective, our health and safety program requires all levels of the organization to be held responsible for our overall safety initiatives. Health and safety management will be a driving factor in installing, planning, operating, and maintaining of all products and services. This goal can be met by performing all work properly, and in accordance with established policies, procedures, and safe work practices. We will pursue the highest standard of health and safety management as an integral part of efficiency and by ensuring all decisions include health, safety, and environmental influences.

If you’ve recently moved into a new business location, there is likely quite a bit of work that needs to be done before you move in. One of the items on your list may be hiring a commercial HVAC contractor to assess your heating and cooling needs. If you’re ready to bring in a professional HVAC contractor to look at your existing space and offer suggestions on best way to go about keeping you and your employees comfortable, Prime HVAC Solutions should be your first call. We work with business owners all over Ottawa who are looking to grow their businesses. Ensure that you’re working with an HVAC contractor that has ample experience dealing with all the permitting and local ordinances that can bring Ottawa construction jobs to a standstill if not handled by professionals.